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Working Principle of Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Working Principle of Miniature Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are essential components in electrical systems that protect electrical equipment and help to prevent damage and reduce the risk of electrical fires. They are classified into several types based on their operating mechanism, current rating, and application. Here we discuss what is tripping mechanism and how Miniature Circuit Breaker operates.

The Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) works on the principle of electromagnetism and thermal effect. The Miniature Circuit Breaker consists of two components, a bimetallic strip and an electromagnet. The bimetallic strip is made up of two different metals with different coefficients of thermal expansion. So, when there is an overload, the bimetallic strip heats up, and the two metals expand at different rates, which causes the strip to bend.

Miniature Circuit Breakers can be reset by simply turning the switch back on, which is one of the significant advantages of Miniature Circuit Breakers over fuses as it makes them more convenient to use with the minimized downtime.

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Working Principle of Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Operation of Miniature Circuit Breaker

The operation of an Miniature Circuit Breakers is different for three different operations. When it is in normal operation, the MCB remains closed and allows the current to flow through the circuit.

When it is in an overload condition, the current in the circuit exceeds the rated value of the Miniature Circuit Breaker, causing the bimetallic strip to bend and trip the MCB. When it is in short circuit condition, then a high current flows through the Miniature Circuit Breaker, Which produces a magnetic field that pulls the latch mechanism, which makes the Miniature Circuit Breaker to trip. After tripping, the Miniature Circuit Breaker can be reset by simply turning the switch back on.

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