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Why does the circuit breaker keep tripping at home?

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The circuit breaker often trips, why?

Generally, there are three reasons for the circuit breaker to trip:

1. Excessive Load Power

2. Line Leakage

3. Line Short Circuit

Case 1:Overload Power Tripping

Tom just moved to a new house and invited his friends to eat hot pot at home, when the power suddenly went out across the board. What's going on here?

Reason Analysis

When this happens, the high probability is because the load power is too large to trip. Just remove the high-power electrical appliances from the circuit or reduce the number of electrical appliances, and then directly push the switch to reset to restore power transmission.


Be careful to avoid running multiple high-power electrical appliances at the same time. You can unplug some temporarily unused electrical appliances to avoid overload tripping.

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Case 2:Line Short Circuit Trip

Recently, the circuit breaker in Tom's house has always been tripped, and it will trip again immediately after closing. He thought he was overloading the line with a high-powered appliance, and when he pulled all the plugs, it still tripped. What is the reason for this?

Reason Analysis

If it can be determined that the trip is not caused by leakage or overload. Basically, it can be concluded that it is a short circuit trip. When a short circuit occurs in the circuit, the circuit breaker detects the short circuit current, so it trips to protect the circuit.


Use a multimeter and a test pen to check the circuits in your home for each circuit. After finding the short circuit, disconnect the circuit. After the short-circuit problem is solved, the power can be turned on.

Case 3:Line Leakage Trip

Just after taking a bath, Tom plugged in the hair dryer with wet hands. Suddenly, his right hand went numb like an electric shock, and the whole hand bounced off. The circuit breaker also trips at this time, What is the reason for this?

Reason Analysis

The bathroom environment itself is relatively humid, plus the water vapor from the shower. Hair dryers and plugs are inevitably exposed to water vapor, and their insulation performance is greatly reduced. Light leakage tripping, serious electric shock accident.


In order to ensure the safety of electricity in the bathroom, you can install an electric shock protector or an anti-leakage switch and check it regularly. Once the appliance, the line leakage can trip the power supply.

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Have you encountered any of these cases? Our lives are inseparable from electricity, so we must choose safety equipment with reliable brands and guaranteed quality.

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