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Why The Air Circuit Breaker Does Not Display

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what is a air circuit breaker?

Intelligent air circuit breaker, it is mainly used in the distribution network with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 400V, 690V, rated current 200A~6300A, mainly used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and power equipment from overload and undervoltage , short circuit, single-phase grounding and other fault hazards, this circuit breaker has a variety of intelligent protection functions, can do selective protection, and the action is accurate, avoiding unnecessary power outages and improving the reliability of power supply.

Air Circuit Breakers

What are the characteristics of air circuit breakers?

Intelligent air circuit breaker is a new circuit breaker secondary system established with microelectronics, computer technology and new sensors. Its main feature is that the execution unit is composed of power electronic technology and digital control device, instead of auxiliary switches and auxiliary relays of conventional mechanical structures. It can independently collect operational data, detect equipment defects and failures, and issue alarm signals before defects become faults, so that measures can be taken to avoid accidents. The intelligent circuit breaker mechanism is located on the front of the circuit breaker. The mechanism adopts a free release mechanism and is designed in the form of energy storage. During the use of the intelligent circuit breaker, the mechanism is always in the pre-energy storage position. As long as the circuit breaker receives the closing command , the circuit breaker can be closed instantly.

Taking CSQ HYCW1 seires Air Circuit Breakers as an example, this is the structure of the circuit breaker, including intelligent control unit, opening button, closing button, reset fault button, opening and closing indication, energy storage handle, energy storage indication window, Tagout lock (unlock button), three-position indication and other structures, the left part is its intelligent controller, and the upper part is its terminal.

Air circuit breaker does not display what to do?

In fact, one of the reasons is that the controller power supply is not powered by the power supply module and it is burned out and not displayed. 

The solution is to supply power to the controller through the working voltage of the power supply module at 24V, and do not supply power directly.

air vacuum circuit breaker

We can look at the labels next to the terminals: Terminals 1#V+ and 2#V- must be connected to the DC24 terminal of the power module, otherwise the controller will be burned. For this intelligent universal circuit breaker, we can choose a suitable AC power supply module (working voltage 24V), the input terminals 1 and 2 of this module can be connected to 220V~400V power supply, and there are three 24V output terminals below, 12 and 12 Terminal 13 is correspondingly connected to POW 2 and 1, terminals 14 and 15 are connected to the circuit breaker, and terminals 16 and 17 are the 24V power supply of the signal module, which can be connected correspondingly when wiring.




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