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What is the difference between switch disconnector and circuit breaker?

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The difference between switch disconnector and circuit breaker is mainly reflected in different uses and different equipment structures.

1. The main purposes of switch disconnector and circuit breakers are different.

(1) The main purpose of the switch disconnector is to provide a clear disconnection point for the circuit. For example, in the maintenance operation, after the isolating switch is disconnected, an obvious fracture can be seen, so that the relevant personnel can quickly and accurately judge whether the primary circuit measures are in place when confirming the safety measures.

(2) The main purpose of the circuit breaker is to break the load current or fault current in the circuit. For example, in the power supply network, when a short-circuit fault occurs in a certain primary equipment, the corresponding circuit breaker trips according to the command of the protection device, and the faulty equipment is separated from the power grid to ensure the normal operation of the rest of the power grid.

CSQ OTE disconnect switches are suitable for many different applications such as mechanical equipment, power distribution, switchgear, motor control centers and photovoltaic power generation systems. Preferred by industry customers, perfect isolation and protection scheme.

load break switch

What are the advantages of OTE load break switch?

1. Save installation time, space and cost

The load break switch can be installed in any orientation.

2. Easier to use

Special grounding switches can be floor mounted and can be rotated 90 degrees.

3. Save design time

Phase-to-phase modules are suitable for standard switchgear busbar layouts.

4. Excellent performance

OTE disconnect switches can be used in harsh application environments.

2. The equipment structure of the switch disconnector and the circuit breaker is different.

(1) The circuit breaker needs to quickly cut off the load current or fault current. There is a fast mechanism to quickly break the contact of the circuit breaker, and there is an arc extinguishing device to extinguish the arc.

(2) The breaking speed of the switch disconnector contact is much slower than that of the circuit breaker. There is an electric operating mechanism or a manual operating mechanism. Except for the load isolator switch, there is no arc extinguishing device. The load isolating switch is an isolating switch with an arc extinguishing device. Generally, it can interrupt the load current, but cannot interrupt the fault current. The main function is to provide an obvious disconnection point.




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