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Time Relay Delay And How It Works

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A time delay relay is an electrical switch which has a built-in relay function that operates after a specified time delay. It controls an electrical circuit by opening or closing contacts in response to the specific time delay. Time delay relays are commonly used in applications where a delay in the operation of a device is required for safety or efficiency purposes.

The working principle of time delay relay is that it allows a delay in the opening or closing of an electrical circuit. For example, if you want electrical circuit to be energized for a specific period before another device is activated, you can use time delay relay for such purpose. Similarly, if you want electrical circuit to be de-energized after a specific period, a time delay relay also comes in handy.

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A time delay relay works by using an electronic circuit that controls the opening or closing of contacts in response to the elapse of a specific period of time. The time delay is usually set using a timer or a programmable logic controller (PLC). It has two components which are control circuit and load circuit. The control circuit controls the timing of the relay and load circuit is the electric circuit which is controlled by the relay.


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