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Selection of Molded Case Circuit Breakers(MCCB) and Miniature Circuit Breakers(MCB)

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Selection Of Circuit Breakers

The selection of the circuit breaker should be based on the specific use conditions, select the use category, select the rated working voltage, rated current, the setting current of the release and other parameters, refer to the protection characteristic curve provided by the product sample to select the protection characteristics, and need to be short-circuit characteristics and sensitivity coefficients.

Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breaker(MCCB)

Molded case circuit breakers are also known as device circuit breakers. The outer contacts of the grounding terminal, the arc extinguishing chamber, the release and the operating mechanism are all installed in a plastic shell, auxiliary contacts, undervoltage releases and The shunt release is mostly modularized and has a very compact structure.

Generally, maintenance is not considered, and it is suitable for the protection switch of the branch circuit. Molded case circuit breakers usually contain thermal-magnetic trip units, and larger models are equipped with solid-state trip sensors.


There are two types of overcurrent releases for molded case circuit breakers: electromagnetic and electronic.

Generally, electromagnetic molded case circuit breakers are non-selective circuit breakers with only long-time delay and instantaneous protection. Electronic molded case circuit breakers have four protection functions: long delay, short delay, instantaneous and ground fault. Some new products of electronic molded case circuit breakers also have a regional selective interlock function.


It is generally used for the control and protection of distribution feeders, the main switch of the low-voltage side outlet of small distribution transformers, the control of power distribution terminals, and the power switch of various production machinery.

Molded Case Circuit Breaker(MCCB) Recommendation

{ HYCM8 Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers }

The HYCM8 series is optimized with a high level of segmentation capability, excellent selectivity and cascading. It provides more reliable functions and a more user-friendly design, making installation and operation easier.

Complete Model

A complete range of product models, standard sizes for your convenience.

Rated Current: 6A-1250A

Maybe You Need16a mccb, 125a mccb, 100 amp mccb, 400a mccb, 1000a mccb, 1200a mccb, 3 pole mccb, 4 pole mccb

* Smart System Upgrades Faster

* Solve High Demand Applications

* Meets Various Standards And Specific Applications

125a mccb

Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB)

Miniature circuit breakers are the most widely used terminal protection devices in the construction of electrical terminal distribution devices. It is used for single-phase and three-phase short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection below 125A, including single-pole 1P, 1P+N, two-pole 2P, three-pole 3P, 3P+N, and four-pole 4P.


Miniature circuit breakers are composed of operating mechanisms, contacts, protection devices (various releases), and arc extinguishing systems.

The main contact is manually operated or electrically closed; after the main contact is closed, the free release mechanism locks the main contact in the closing position; the coil of the overcurrent release and the thermal element of the thermal release In series with the main circuit, the coil of the undervoltage release is connected in parallel with the power supply.


In the electrical design of civil buildings, miniature circuit breakers are mainly used for the protection and operation of overload, short circuit, overcurrent, voltage loss, undervoltage grounding, leakage, automatic switching of dual power sources, and infrequent starting of motors.

Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB) Recommendation

{ HYCB1 Series Miniature circuit breaker}

HYCB1 series products fully reflect the simple and practical design concept.

The products are simple, practical, safe and reliable, and are widely used in residential, commercial buildings and other fields.

Rated Current: 4A-63A

Maybe You Need: dc mcbminiature circuit breaker 120/240v 20a, 3 pole miniature circuit breaker,4 pole mcb,  5 amp mcb, 10 amp mcb, 20 amp mcb, 32a mcb,

32a mcb

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