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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker(MPCB)

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What is motor protection circuit breaker

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker(MPCB), an electrical equipment in the industrial automation control industry, is used as an electric motor's overload, short -circuit, broken phase, blocked rotation, and three -phase imbalance protection, as well as non -frequent starting, can also be used as a isolator switch.

MPCB integrates protection, measurement, metering, control and other functions into one.

CSQ GV2 Series MPCB is a 3 phase thermal magnetic circuit breaker, which is designed for the control and protection of the motor, which meets the standards of IEC60947-2 and IEC60947-4.1. GV2 MPCB adopts modular structure, which can easily add accessories such as auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, undervoltage release and shunt release.

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

The Protection Function Of MPCB

Its protection function is mainly provided by the therm magnetic protection element in the motor protector. The short-circuit protection of the electromagnetic element has an irreplaceable off -deduction value, which is equivalent to 13 times that of the maximum current current of the circuit breaker device. The heat component generates thrust through temperature -sensing dual metal sheet, and achieves a certain displacement to promote the deduction of the circuit breaker.

Under normal circumstances, a manual button control is used to control the manual control through the operation start button "i", and the stop button "o" is controlled by the operation, or it is automatically controlled by the therm magnetic protection element or voltage deduction attachment.

When the motor protection circuit breaker is connected to the contactor, remote automatic control is used. By increasing the “AU” of the underwriter, the circuit breaker can be disconnected at the underwriting conditions. To restart the motor, you must press the starting key "I". After increasing the shunt release “AS”, the component can also be remotely controlled.

At the same time, the GV2 MPCB motor protection circuit breaker has an isolation function, so at the disconnected position, an appropriate insulation distance will be left, and the actual position of the moving contact will be indicated by the position of the manipulator.

The Function Of The MPCB

When the rotor is eccentric, the winding is aging to alarm or protect control.

It is a cross -industry, wide range of applications, and significant energy -saving effect. Almost penetrated into all the fields of electricity consumption, it is an important guarantee for industrial, agricultural and national defense construction and the normal production and safety of people's lives, and has an irreplaceable position and role in the national economy and energy conservation undertakings.




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