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Installation Of Leakage Protection Device

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Leakage protection device, also known as leakage protector, refers to a device that can automatically disconnect the circuit or send out an alarm signal when the leakage current in the protected circuit reaches a predetermined value under certain conditions. It is a general term for leakage protection switch, leakage circuit breaker, leakage relay, leakage alarm and mobile leakage socket.

Installation of leakage protection device

1. Installation site

1) All kinds of low-voltage electrical equipment, sockets, and existing electrical facilities and electrical equipment used in new, remodeled, expanded projects and major engineering projects, places with high requirements for electric shock and fire prevention, and places with high risk of electric shock All electrical equipment shall be equipped with leakage protection devices.

2) For newly manufactured low-voltage power distribution cabinets (boxes, screens), operating benches, test benches, and power distribution boxes for electromechanical equipment such as machine tools, hoisting machinery, and various transmission machinery, electric leakage protection should be preferred equipment.

3) Leakage protection devices must be installed in construction sites, electrical equipment for temporary lines, hand-held electric tools and mobile household appliances other than Sichuan, and other mobile electrical equipment.

4) For places with high humidity, high temperature, large proportion of metal and other places with good electrical conductivity, the electrical equipment must be equipped with independent leakage protection devices.

2. Installation location

The location of the leakage protection device in the power line, in principle, must be installed on the power supply side of the distribution panel or in the distribution panel, except for the case of being installed inside the electrical equipment. When installed at the entrance of the power supply, it can be installed behind the watt-hour meter or the main knife, and the power supply should be disconnected before installation.

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3. Installation direction

Leakage protection devices are generally installed in a relatively vertical or horizontal direction. It should be noted that electromagnetic leakage protection devices with overcurrent tripping characteristics, grounding, overload and short-circuit protection will affect their product performance with different installation angles.

4. Install wiring

1). The incoming line of the power supply should be connected above the leakage protection device, that is, the side marked with "power supply" or "incoming line" on the shell; the outgoing line should be connected at the bottom, that is, the side marked with "load" or "outgoing line".

2). For single-phase three-pole and three-phase four-pole products, the neutral wire should be connected to the designated pole of the product

3). At the end of the power supply and load line connection, the connection must be tight and reliable.

5. Installation method

1). The wires with working current, including the working zero line, should pass through the zero-sequence current transformer of the leakage protection device. However, it must be noted that the working zero line must use an insulated wire, and it cannot also be used as a protective date line, otherwise it will cause malfunction.

2). After using the leakage protection device, the metal casing of the protected equipment should still be grounded or grounded to ensure safety.




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