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How to replace the contactor?

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Is it ok to connect the new contactor exactly the same as the wiring of the old contactor to be replaced?

Replacing the contactor is not as simple as facing the replaced old contactor, and then connecting it to the new contactor according to the same wiring.

First of all, on the selection comparison of contactors:

1. For the new contactor after replacement, the loss of the magnetic system under its rated voltage and the loss of the conductive part under the working current should not be larger than the original contactor, so as to avoid the temperature rise exceeding the regulations.

2. Replace the new contactor, and the distance along the arc spraying direction with the surrounding metal conductors should not be less than the original contactor, so as to avoid accidents.

3. The rated current and closing and breaking capacity of the new contactor after replacement cannot be lower than the original contactor.

4. Select high-quality contactors that meet standards and have quality assurance.

CSQ's CJX2 series contactors meet GB 14048.4 and IEC 60947-4-1, and have CCC, CE compulsory certification, reliable quality, and safe to use.


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Secondly, the installation of the contactor:

1. Check whether the technical data (such as rated voltage, current, operating frequency, etc.) of the nameplate and coil meet the actual use requirements.

2. Check that the appearance of the contactor should be free from mechanical damage; when the movable part of the contactor is pushed by hand, the contactor should be flexible and free from jamming. The arc chute should be intact and firmly fixed.

3. Wipe the anti-rust grease on the pole surface of the iron core or the iron scale stuck on the pole surface with kerosene, so as to avoid the armature from being stuck after repeated use, resulting in the failure to release after power failure.

4. Measure the coil resistance and insulation resistance of the contactor, which should meet the requirements.

5. Generally, it should be installed on a vertical surface, and the inclination should not exceed 5°. if there are cooling holes, the side with holes should be placed in the vertical direction to facilitate heat dissipation; and appropriate arcing space should be reserved as required. In order to avoid arcing burning adjacent electrical appliances.

6. When installing and wiring, be careful not to lose or drop parts into the contactor. The screws of the mounting holes should be fitted with spring washers and flat washers, and the screws should be tightened to prevent loosening due to vibration.

7. After the installation is completed, check the wiring is correct, operate it several times without the main contact being electrified, and then measure the action value and release value of the product. The measured data should meet the specified requirements of the product.




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