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How To Determine Circuit Breaker Type

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The load side of the main contact of each phase of the circuit breaker is connected with an electromagnetic release and a thermal release. When the current in the circuit suddenly increases, such as short-circuit current, the coil in the electromagnetic release will suddenly increase due to the sudden increase in the current. The magnetic field also increases, the increased magnetic field attracts the armature through the iron core, the armature moves, and drives the lever to move upward, so that the lock is opened, and the main contact breaks the circuit under the action of the spring.

The electromagnetic tripping current (the short-circuit protection current) of the miniature circuit breaker is generally customized according to 3 to 5 times the rated current of the circuit breaker.

When the electric circuit breaker is overloaded (over-current protection), the heating element in the series circuit generates a temperature rise, which bends the bimetallic sheet, drives the lever upward, makes the lock open, and the main contact is broken under the action of the spring circuit.

It must also be noted that circuit breakers are divided into D-type circuit breakers and C-type circuit breakers, although their suffix values represent the rated current, such as D32 and C32, the rated current is 32A. But there is a big difference between them. D-type circuit breakers are generally used to control motors, while C-type circuit breakers are generally used to control related connections and power distribution in lighting circuits.

Circuit breaker wiring diagramCircuit Breaker Wiring Diagram

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The segmentation capabilities differ between the two:

The segmental capacity of the D-type circuit breaker will be higher, generally more than seven times, but not more than ten times.

The sectional capacity of the C circuit breaker is generally between five and seven times.

The tripping current range between them is 5~10 times of the C type, and the D-type tripping current range is 10~50 times.

When the load in the circuit is very high, the D-type circuit breaker can provide effective overload protection for the circuit. In general, the control loop without inductive load and the home lighting load can choose the C-type new circuit breaker.

Their rated current can be 1A, 3A, 6A for single pole according to their different structures, and circuit breakers with more than two poles generally range from 10A, 16A, 20A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, and the rated voltage is 230/400V. The rated current of the two-pole, three-pole, and four-pole circuit breakers of the D-type circuit breaker can be 80A/100A/125A, which is not available for the C-type circuit breaker.

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