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How To Connect AC Contactor

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The contactor is a switch that can be connected and disconnected. It mainly controls the motor, and it also has the effect of low -voltage release safety protection. It also applies to frequent operation and control of long -distance distances.

To explain the following wiring with AC contactor CJX2:

1/L1 3/L2 5/L3 is the 220V input terminal of the three -phase power supply.

2/T1 4/T2 6/T3 is the output end of the three -phase motor.

A1 A2 is the input terminal of the contact coil in the contact

coil , which is also called the end point of the control loop.

13 NO 14 NO is a pair of pairs of supporting contacts. It takes normal opening without working in the normal contactor. When there is only a coil, the contacts bear the normally closed. The purpose of running.

Start with the stop button and the AC contactors connection control method.

Here is a point to explain:

The start button is a pair of normally open contacts, the stop button is a pair of normally closed contacts.

The first step is to find a short wire from the L1 live wire to A1, and then find a short wire from the AC unit contactor N013 to connect to A2.

The second step is to connect the control circuit line, lead a live wire from L3 to the stop button, connect one end of the start button from the stop button, and then connect the other end of the start button to the auxiliary contact N013, that is, when the start button is pressed When the power is supplied to A2, the power supply of the self-locking point is taken from the middle connection point of the two twists and connected to N014. When the contactor for AC unit is closed, the auxiliary contact is closed and sent to A2, and the AC contactor is self-locking.

ac contactor wiring diagram

AC contactor wiring diagram




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