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How Does An Automatic Transfer Switch Work

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1. ATS:HYCQ5-63G , 2. Time Relay, 3. Load (Indicator Light) , 4. Voltmeter

Realized Functions:

Voltmeter monitors real-time voltage, automatic transfer switch is commonly used for power transfer to commonly driven load (indicator light is on), commonly used without power backup with power delay of 10S (time can be set), transfer to standby drive load, regular backup power transfer to common use priority.

Iillustrate Process:

1: Connect the wires correctly, and observe whether the voltage is within the normal range through the voltmeter;

2: Turn on the common power supply, the automatic transfer switch will automatically switch to the common power supply, and turn on the load (the indicator light is on);

3: Turn off the common power supply, turn on the backup power supply, and turn on the load after a delay of 10S through the time relay (the indicator light is on);

4: There is electricity for common standby, and the automatic transfer switch automatically switches to common (commonly used priority).




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