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HYCRT8S-2T Double Delay Timer Relay

Model: HYCRT8S-2T
Item: Double Delay Timer Relay
Type A: Power-on delay
Type B: Delay disconnect
Delay range: 0.1s-10d. adjustable in multiple gears.
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HYCRT8S-2T double delay timer relay is a settable time control unit. Combined with other electrical equipment, it can set delay closing or delay opening contacts according to the required time, so that the working time of the terminal equipment can be controlled. Group on-off delay time, separate control loop, make the control equipment run off-peak. Mainly used in industrial equipment, lighting, manufacturing and other occasions requiring time control.

Model(Rotary type) HYCRT8-2TA
Model(Digital display type)
HYCRT8S-2T (10 kinds of functions can be set independently)
Features Power-on delay Delay disconnect

Output configuration

Two sets of delays: t1 delay control R1, t2 delay control R2

Operating Voltage

AC24-240V(50-60Hz)/DC24-240V voltage fluctuation ±10%
AC220V(50-60Hz) Voltage fluctuation ±20%

Indicator light (Rotary type)

The red LED indicates the status of R1 in real time, the green LED is always on when R2 is closed, and flashes for 0.5S when R2 is disconnected to indicate that it is working in the running mode

Indicator light (digital display type)

Work indication: green LED0.5S flashing, relay indication: R1, R2 red LED real-time indication

Delay setting method

Rotary type (Rotary adjustment)

Digital display type (digital display, button adjustment)

Delay range (Rotary type) 0.1S-10d (0.1 seconds-10 days), adjustable in multiple gears
Delay range (digital display type) 0.1S-99h (0.1 seconds-99 hours), button adjustable
Delay accuracy (Rotary type) Basic error <1%, mechanical error <10%, repeat error <0.5%

Temperature fluctuation error <0.05%/℃, voltage jump error <1%

Delay accuracy (digital display type) Basic error <1%, repeat error <0.5%

Temperature fluctuation error <0.05%/℃, voltage jump error <1%

Reset time


Output contact capacity

AC/DC24-240V Power supply


AC220V Power supply

Mechanical life 1x105 (resistive load, room temperature, 1s on and 9s off)
Environment Working temperature: -10-55℃ Relative humidity: ≤85% Altitude: ≤2000 meters

Storage temperature: -20-75℃, no rain, snow, salt fog and corrosive gas

Installation method 35mm din rail type






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