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HYCRLV8 Volice & Light Control Delay Relay

Model: HYCRLV8 
Item: Volice & Light Control Delay Relay
Automatically control the device according to set voice control intensity threshold.
  • HYCRLV8 

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According to the set voice control intensity threshold, control the switch of electrical equipment. Mainly used in corridors, outdoors, corridors and other equipment that need to be opened during special periods.


HYCRV8-A  (Clap switch)

HYCRV8-B(Voice control delay switch) HYCRLV8(Voice and light control delay switch)

Voice on - Voice off loop 

The pull-in relay is delayed for 20-60 seconds, disconnected, and the time is adjustable

No action when there is light, HYCRV8-B function will be realized when there is no light

Operating voltage

AC24-240V(50-60Hz)/DC24-240V voltage fluctuation ±10%

AC220V (50-60Hz) voltage fluctuation ±20%

Indicator light Work indication: green LED is always on, relay indication: red LED real-time indication

Sensitivity setting method

Rotary adjustment (≈20-90dB)

Voice control, delay error


Sensor response range


Response time


Output contact capacity

AC/DC24-240V Power supply


AC220V Power supply 3/5A(AC1-Resistive)
Mechanical life

1x105 (resistive load, room temperature, 1s on and 9s off)

Environment Working temperature: -10-55℃ Relative humidity: ≤85% Altitude: ≤2000 meters

Storage temperature: -20-75℃, no rain, snow, salt fog and corrosive gas

Installation method

35mm din rail type

Type A: Clap your hands after power-on, the relay is closed, the R light is on, and the relay is turned off, and the R light is off, and so on (interval <1S));

Type B: After power-on, the relay R first closes a multiple of the delay time (if the delay is set to 20 seconds, the relay is closed for 40 seconds after power-on), then goes out, clap your hands, the relay is closed, the R light is on, and the delay is 20 -60 seconds (time adjustable) the relay is disconnected and the R light is off.

HYCRLV8 type: After power-on, there is light and no action, and the function of type B is realized when there is no light.





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