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Can the Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers replace the Miniature Circuit Breakers?

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1. What is a Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ?

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is also called leakage protector. It has one more test button than Miniature Circuit Breaker. The technical term is called residual current protector. It mainly provides power-off protection in case of leakage accident, so as to avoid serious harm to human body.

It has the functions of ordinary circuit breakers, and its working principle is also very simple. It can automatically detect whether there is current flowing in the circuit. Once a leakage is found, it can immediately cut off the circuit, so as to prevent the current from passing through the human body and seriously harm the human body.

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2. What is an Miniature Circuit Breaker ?

The Miniature Circuit Breaker is an on-off switch that controls the electrical circuit, and the miniature circuit breaker mcb is called an miniature circuit breaker that uses air as the arc-extinguishing medium. Generally, it is selected according to the rated current (load), and it is used as the main switch of the electrical circuit.

It is mainly to ensure the safety of the circuit itself and prevent fires caused by circuit overload. The characteristic of the mini circuit breaker is to set the limit for the rated current. Once the current load is abnormal and the current exceeds the maximum limit, the miniature circuit breaker din rail will work and automatically Cut off the loop of the wire to prevent the wire from burning and avoid the occurrence of fire.

3. Can the two be replaced?

From the above comparison, we can see that both can cut off the power in time when the circuit leaks or the circuit is overloaded. The difference is that the protection objects are different.

In addition, the current value of Miniature Circuit Breaker protection can be large or small, while the current value of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker protection is relatively small, because the human body cannot bear too much current, so these two circuits must not be replaced with each other to avoid irreversible damage accident.

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4. How to choose?

When the home circuit is decorated, the Miniature Circuit Breaker and the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker are generally used in combination.

It is recommended to use a Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker for the main circuit breaker of the incoming line, and a Miniature Circuit Breaker for the shunt. Such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other circuits, it is best to install earth leakage circuit breaker for home, ordinary socket circuits such as lighting, and small circuit breakers can be installed.




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