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Can Two 2P Circuit Breakers Be Replaced By One 4P Circuit Breaker?

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It can be replaced, the circuit breaker only controls the on-off, but it is necessary to clarify what series it is. If it is a D series ac circuit breaker, it is dedicated to power equipment, and if it is a C series ac circuit breaker, it is used for lighting or control circuits. As long as they are of the same circuit breaker types , 4P can completely replace two 2P.

If you take off the front control sleeve of the 4P circuit breaker and cut it off from the middle, it will become two 2 pole circuit breaker . If you don't want to control them separately, it is also possible to use a 4 pole circuit breaker. But the switch circuit breaker will operate two circuit breakers at the same time.

In fact, 2P, 4P or 3 pole circuit breaker are all composed of 1P circuit breakers, but a connection control sleeve is added to the front end, so that the 1P circuit breaker trips. It will link all 1P circuit breakers to trip.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

However, there are two cases to distinguish.

The first case is the old line. The previous master used two circuit breakers, which means that the two circuit breakers control two different lines. If a 4 pole circuit breaker is used instead, it will be different from a certain circuit when overhauling the circuit. When one line fails, the entire circuit is affected, so this situation cannot be replaced.

The second case is newly installed, and it is the master switch, which can be replaced in this case, as long as the power of the main circuit breaker matches the power consumption.




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