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Automatic Transfer Switch: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Automatic transfer switch appliance (automatic transfer switch is also called ATS or ATSE, which is the English abbreviation of automatic transfer switch equipment.) An appliance that converts one or more power supply from one power source to another.

ATS is suitable for key burden power suppliers such as dual-monitoring areas of buildings, fire protection, lighting, and so on.

What is automatic transfer switch

The dual power generac automatic transfer switch is a device controlled by a micro processor, which is used for switching between grid power and grid power or grid power and generator power in the power grid system, so that the power supply can be continuously supplied.

CSQ is an automatic transfer switch manufacturer with 18 years of production and design experience.Main production automatic transfer switch for portable generator, automatic transfer switch for battery backup, automatic transfer switch switchgear,  automatic transfer switch for inverter,  solar automatic transfer switch,etc. Products application areas including elevator, fire station, bank, monitoring equipment and so on. CSQ products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Northern Europe and Russia markets. And CSQ provide the best ODM&OEM service for your brand and products.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Automatic Transfer Switch

How does an automatic transfer switch work

The working principle of the dual power automatic transfer switch is simply the replacement of one common power(normal power) supply and one backup power (reserve power) supply. When the common power suddenly shutdown or breakdown , it is composed of one or several switching dual power automatic transfer switches and other necessary electrical appliances. Used to detect power circuits and automatically convert one power source to another.

What is the principle of automatic transfer switch selection?

According to classification:

According to the IEC-60947-6 international standard, automatic transfer switching appliances can be divided into two levels: PC class and CB class.

PC Class: It is capable of making and carrying normal and fault currents, but not for breaking short-circuit currents. When the load is overloaded, the power supply continuity can still be maintained. fast action time.

CB Class: Its main contacts can make and break short-circuit currents. It has the overload protection function for the load-side electrical equipment and cables, and can connect, carry and break short-circuit current, and disconnect the load when the load is overloaded or short-circuited.

According to current:

15a automatic transfer switch,20 amp automatic transfer switch,  30 amp automatic transfer switch, 50 amp automatic transfer switch are usually used for household power supply.

200a automatic transfer switch, 400 amp automatic transfer switch, 600a automatic transfer switch, 1200 amp automatic transfer switch are usually used for dual power supply for key loads such as fire protection in large buildings.

CSQ  Automatic Transfer Switch Product Center

HYCQ7 Series Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ7 Series Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ7-100 automatic transfer switches are new developed miniature household automatic transfer switches. This product is specially designed for home use din rail type installation and is specially used for Pz30 distribution box.

HYCQ7 automatic transfer switches are suitable for emergency power system 400V 63A/100A with AC rated current of 50V or 60Hz compact structure.

GLOQ4 Series Automatic Transfer SwitchesGLOQ4 Series Automatic Transfer Switches

GLOQ4-125-800 automatic transfer switch is suitable for AC 50Hz.AC rated voltage to below 400V. The rated current of 125-800A is suitable for the mutual conversion of the two ways power supply of the emergency power supply system.

GLOQ1 series Automatic Transfer SwitchesGLOQ1 series Automatic Transfer Switches

GLOQ1 100-3200 automatic transfer switch is CSQ main ATS for 15 years.

It’s applicable for system of AC 50Hz, AC rated voltage up to 380V, rated current 16-3200A to transfer between two power supplies in emergency power supply system. It will stop the power supply to loads in the source of transferring.

GLOQ1-100~250 Automatic Transfer Switches

GLOQ1-400~3200 Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ6 series Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ6 series Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ6 series automatic transfer switch is a circuit breaker type automatic switching device, suitable for AC 50Hz. rated voltage 400V/230V, Rated current up to 10A-250A.

HYCQ6-63 Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5 series Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5 series of automatic transfer switch iscomposed of small circuit breaker stand-alone operating mechanismcontrol circuit.

HYCQ5-63G Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5-63G Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5-63H Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5-63H Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5M Series Automatic Transfer Switches

HYCQ5M Series Automatic Transfer Switches

GLOQ1B series Automatic Transfer Switches

This product is a new generation of PC class switches that use coil instantaneous operation.Compared with the traditional motor-driven switch,it has a simple structure,fast switching speed and the time is less than 80ms.and the main contact system is single phase double power structure will not cause two power supplies to be turned on at the same time even under abnormal conditions.

GLOQ1B-125N Automatic Transfer Switches

GLOQ1B-125N Automatic Transfer Switches

GLOQ1B-125I Automatic transfer switches

GLOQ1B-125I Automatic transfer switches

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Customized Automatic Transfer Switches

When you need to find more than just existing dual power automatic transfer switch, CSQ’s R&D Department Center can help you design and produce Automatic Transfer Switches that meet your unique needs.

We have our own factory and a professional team of engineers, which can design and modify application requirements that meet all your conditions.

Professional manufacturer of ATS since 2001

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